Monday, June 6, 2011

Our first run as a couple

Friday is probably my favor day of the week, cause it means that Rob's coming home for a good three days! This Friday, Rob got off even earlier and surprised me by being home, when I got home from class at one o'clock. It was a beautiful sunny day (after a extremely rainy week), so we jumped on our scooter and headed to lunch. We went to this little local cafe down town for some veggie pizza and then off to the library to exchange some books for our sunbeam lesson on Sunday (this weeks lesson was on, I'm grateful for tasting and smelling). When we arrived at the library rob realized that he forgot to take his sunglasses off of the front of his shirt and sure enough they were gone. He dropped me off and went to retrace his tracks. We though for sure they would be lying on the side of the road somewhere. I was surprised when he arrived back without them and we decided to go over the path one more time....sure enough no sunglasses were found. This was the bummer moment of the weekend. Oh well what can you do. Friday night we attended the first game of the Corvallis regional. The beavers successfully beat Arkansan Little Rock, in the presences of a large Friday night crowd. I can tell that Rob misses the game, even if he says he doesn't. He is quite the supporter though and I know that he was a great leader and friend last year to the team. To illustrate this, when he got to the game he was greeted with many hugs and smiles from his former teammates. I am proud of his past accomplishments, but more excited to see what he has in store for him in the future. After the game, we grabbed rigos (a Mexican "shack" that is our favor restaurant), and a red box (Harry Potter), and headed home for a some time with just the two of us. These are my favorite nights...not having to cook, (I'm like my mom its true), and snuggling up with some blankets to watch a movie.

We woke up Saturday to a blazing sun, and decided since we didn't have anything else planned that we should finally sand and paint the table we had received for free, but was in pretty bad shape. We were incredible shocked with the results, and are really excited to eat off something that does look like its been to war and back. We still don't have matching chairs, but that will just have to wait for another day. I might just have to call robs sister Emily up for another ikea trip, since I'm not so talented in the home decor.

About a month ago, I signed Rob and I up for a fun 5k run, that went through down town Portland. The starlight run is at 8 o'clock at night, is a costume race, and there is a parade that follows the run. I thought all these were really fun aspects and that this would be the perfect race for us to do as our first run as a couple. Maybe everyone else though this too, because there were a million people there!!! First off, there was BAD traffic and no place to park since everyone was arriving with their families to get a spot on the parade route. When we finally found a spot we ended up having to run to get to the race on time, pick up our numbers and get to the starting line. This meant that we started in the back, which being new to this race deal, we didn't know that we would be dodging people right and left for the first mile, just to keep a decent pace. Not everything was as bad as im making it out to be however, and what was actually very neat about the race, was running down the parade route that was full of people on both sides cheering you on. I am used to the Pear Blossom Parade, being from Medford, Oregon, where there are quite a few people with every spot usually taken on the curb along the parade route. Well, for the starlight parade, every spot was taken on the first row and on the three of four rows behind that initial row! When we finished the race, we decided that we would see enough parades with our kids in the future and that we would probably not be able to find a spot, so we ditched the parade idea. Even with all the chaos, I am glad that we did it. I think it is so important to build these early memories as young couple and to experience as many things as we can together. I am also thankful that Rob is down for anything and has a good attitude about all my crazy ideas.

We were surrounded at the start of the race

I know this is burry, but I was trying to show the rows of people waiting for the parade.

Super sweaty at the end :)


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