Monday, June 6, 2011

Our first run as a couple

Friday is probably my favor day of the week, cause it means that Rob's coming home for a good three days! This Friday, Rob got off even earlier and surprised me by being home, when I got home from class at one o'clock. It was a beautiful sunny day (after a extremely rainy week), so we jumped on our scooter and headed to lunch. We went to this little local cafe down town for some veggie pizza and then off to the library to exchange some books for our sunbeam lesson on Sunday (this weeks lesson was on, I'm grateful for tasting and smelling). When we arrived at the library rob realized that he forgot to take his sunglasses off of the front of his shirt and sure enough they were gone. He dropped me off and went to retrace his tracks. We though for sure they would be lying on the side of the road somewhere. I was surprised when he arrived back without them and we decided to go over the path one more time....sure enough no sunglasses were found. This was the bummer moment of the weekend. Oh well what can you do. Friday night we attended the first game of the Corvallis regional. The beavers successfully beat Arkansan Little Rock, in the presences of a large Friday night crowd. I can tell that Rob misses the game, even if he says he doesn't. He is quite the supporter though and I know that he was a great leader and friend last year to the team. To illustrate this, when he got to the game he was greeted with many hugs and smiles from his former teammates. I am proud of his past accomplishments, but more excited to see what he has in store for him in the future. After the game, we grabbed rigos (a Mexican "shack" that is our favor restaurant), and a red box (Harry Potter), and headed home for a some time with just the two of us. These are my favorite nights...not having to cook, (I'm like my mom its true), and snuggling up with some blankets to watch a movie.

We woke up Saturday to a blazing sun, and decided since we didn't have anything else planned that we should finally sand and paint the table we had received for free, but was in pretty bad shape. We were incredible shocked with the results, and are really excited to eat off something that does look like its been to war and back. We still don't have matching chairs, but that will just have to wait for another day. I might just have to call robs sister Emily up for another ikea trip, since I'm not so talented in the home decor.

About a month ago, I signed Rob and I up for a fun 5k run, that went through down town Portland. The starlight run is at 8 o'clock at night, is a costume race, and there is a parade that follows the run. I thought all these were really fun aspects and that this would be the perfect race for us to do as our first run as a couple. Maybe everyone else though this too, because there were a million people there!!! First off, there was BAD traffic and no place to park since everyone was arriving with their families to get a spot on the parade route. When we finally found a spot we ended up having to run to get to the race on time, pick up our numbers and get to the starting line. This meant that we started in the back, which being new to this race deal, we didn't know that we would be dodging people right and left for the first mile, just to keep a decent pace. Not everything was as bad as im making it out to be however, and what was actually very neat about the race, was running down the parade route that was full of people on both sides cheering you on. I am used to the Pear Blossom Parade, being from Medford, Oregon, where there are quite a few people with every spot usually taken on the curb along the parade route. Well, for the starlight parade, every spot was taken on the first row and on the three of four rows behind that initial row! When we finished the race, we decided that we would see enough parades with our kids in the future and that we would probably not be able to find a spot, so we ditched the parade idea. Even with all the chaos, I am glad that we did it. I think it is so important to build these early memories as young couple and to experience as many things as we can together. I am also thankful that Rob is down for anything and has a good attitude about all my crazy ideas.

We were surrounded at the start of the race

I know this is burry, but I was trying to show the rows of people waiting for the parade.

Super sweaty at the end :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Weekend in Medford

On Thursday afternoon, I was officially done with school and ready to head down to a soccer filled (Rogue Valley Cup) weekend with my family. I was also trilled that I was going to get my hair done, finally! I think my roots had grown out about inch, which only girls will understand, and they know this is simply unacceptable. When I arrived in Medford, I went straight to my dad's office to see the new car. He had just bought the night before and I was so excited for him. He deserved something for himself and I'm glad that he finally bucked up and bought it :). My parents are now the proud owners of the 2011 double cab Toyota Tundra, and it is FREAKING AWESOME!!! It's funny that they bought a car in the midst of Rob and I looking for a car, however, Rob and I have been looking for the last four months. It's funny to think how different it is when you are a newlywed with no money buying a car, compared to a well established physician. Makes sense why ours is taking so long, got to look for the very best deal out there. So anyways...I made it to the office, said my quick hellos to the staff and was shown the NEW office/surgery building that is currently in construction. My dad and I got our hard hats on (I thought he was joking when he first said we had to wear them) and toured the new building. It was so fun the hear the proud and excited voice of my dad as he told me what was going where. It put a big smile on my face! Its lame to say, but I am proud of him!

The next day, I woke up and was able to get my wig tuned...wahoo! I spent some more daddy-daughter time on a lunch date to Mucho Gusto, and then got to go shopping with my mom. Later that night we were trying to decide something fun to do, and I happen to suggest that we go to Ashland to walk around. The family agreed (even savans who was on crutches with a sprained ankle was game) and we all jumped into the new car and headed south. We ate a small downstairs restaurant called Munchies, and it was simply delicious. I have such a good time when I get together with the family. For some reason we are always laughing and telling jokes which was perfect for the mood I was in that night. The best ending to a perfect day, was rob coming home from his two week trip to Boston! It was one thirty in the morning when he finally got home (I had fallen asleep) and I was so nice to have him come in and wrap his arms around me.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday just flew by us! We got to go to many soccer games, barbecue, and make smores and a fir with the Folsoms. When we got to the house for the fir on Sunday night, the girls decided that it was a bit to chilly outside so we should do the fir inside. When Henry walked in and saw our indoor fir he was severely disappointed. Uncle Rob walked in assured him the boys would make a fire outside. I love to see Rob with his niece and nephew, it just reminds me what a great dad he is going to be someday. The boys were successful in producing a RAGING fir that kept us all nice and warm on a chilly spring afternoon.

I was totally impressed with this parent. At Sarah's soccer games he was their number one fan!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oregon Coast

This week the sun finally decided to show in Corvallis Oregon, which meant I got to spend time playing sand volley ball, kicking a soccer ball around, and spending time laying out and chatting with good friends. I also had the opportunity to go to the coast on Friday, to make up a lab I was going to miss for my oceanography class. It was simply beautiful at the coast, and pretty warm for the spring time. I don't particularly enjoy physical science classes much, but as I walked along the beach, gazing out into the vast oceans and pondered its complexities, I started to gain a new appreciation for science and nature.

The first two picture were taken a month prior on a weekend trip

Another exciting thing this weekend was getting to see my mother and sister (Sarah) who were up for soccer. It happened to be Sarah's birthday this weekend, so we got to go out and celebrate. I know that she wasn't to thrilled having to drive up three hours on her birthday, but I'm glad that I got to see her. She is one talented young lady, and I am so proud of her accomplishments. I don't think any words could be enough to adequately express what a great person I think Sarah is. I can also say that Sarah has shown that she is quite the spontaneous gal. After buying her a pair of earring for her birthday, I found out that at 17 she did not have her ears pierced!! She decided that it was finally time and she looks so adorable with her new little diamond studs. It is so much fun to see my family on the weekends. This week especially, because Rob is in Boston at sales school and it does get lonely around the house. Rob if you get a chance to read this....COME HOME I MISS YOU!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Job = New Challenges

Bit of Reflection: Spring term of 2011 has brought some new challenges to our family. Rob has recently gone through the interview process, and has picked a job working for Depuy Mitek selling sports medicine equipment, in the South West Region of Portland. I am personally grateful that we have chosen Depuy, because it has enabled us to see each on a more regular basis. Rob is now living in Portland Oregon on the weekdays (minus one day a week) and comes home on the weekends. It has been quite the sacrifice, but I think it has helped us cherish the time we have together.

I can't believe that it is the start of week eight already! It is crazy how some terms seem to drag on, never ending and other seem to just fly by. I think this largely depends on the classes that I take, and whether they are interesting to me or not. I had a recent counselors appointment and I am currently going to be done with all my required classes to graduate in my major after spring term. However, I am short the 180 credits that I need, and therefore have to take two full terms of electives. UURRGGG! This means two full terms of classes that don't particularly spark my interest. I have also in listed in a full term online for the summer. This way I can get done with school faster and Rob and I will be able to live together again. I have become used to my summer break off, so this will present new challenges for me.

The other school issue that has been weighing hard on me lately is whether to go forward with my human development and family sciences early childhood degree or to get a HDFS general degree. I want an ECD degree, but this would require me to stay one additional term to participate in a twelve credit class where I would teach in the preschool on campus. If I got my general degree I could choose to do a 270 hour internship, which I would be able to do in Portland with my lovey. The biggest issue with making this decision, is that I have to make it pretty soon, because the school needs to know two terms in advance. So far Rob and I have spent 7 weeks apart and if I chose to continuewith my ECD degree it would require me to be in Corvallis fall and winter term. I also have to report early before school starts in August for soccer (school starts late September in Oregon). That means approximately 7 more months apart!! THAT IS A LONG TIME!! Sometimes I wish life could be just a bit easier and hard decisions like this were not an issue :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break in San Diego

We finally finished our winter term at Oregon State and were definitely ready for a break. My family was planning on going to San Diego to watch Sarah in a soccer tournament (Nomads), and had invited Rob and I to come along. Rob is in the middle of season, and there was no chance that he was going to be able to go, so I was faced with the choice of leaving him behind or staying in Corvallis. After some persuasion on his part, I decided that he would be so busy that I would get to see him, so I should go and spend some time with my family. San Diego here we come, 12 hours in the worn down suburban that is pushing 200,000 miles, crossing our fingers it doesn't break down on us!

One of the first fun things we did when we made it down to Southern California, was go to Knotts Berry Farm...a classic amusement park our family has been going to since I was 5.

My moms favorite ride (as seen above) is the Silver Bullet, shes turning 49 in a few days and still rides the roller coasters! My dad was a good sport too, however when he finished the ride he looked queasy and sat out for the next hour ;) We laughed when he told us, that when he finally felt the ride stopping the first thing he looked for was were people vomited cause he felt extremely sick.

Every park has the classic wooden roller coaster that jerks you around until you have a head ache (unfortunately you always seem to go on them), this is mom and dad before the Ghost Rider. You can also see that my mom is working a new hair style, the first time in over 20 years and looking pretty dang good if you ask me, hott mama. What a cute couple.

This was a classic ride and fun that we could do it all together. It was also a nice break from the fast pace roller coasters.

Out of every ride we went on we this was the scariest! I see pure terrior on my face in the above picture. A plug to the death. I need to give a shout out to Sarah and Sydney, because they were troupers the whole day and we had a blast facing our fears together.

In San Diego we got to see Sarah play a lot. She is a feisty little forward and her team won two shoot outs to make it to the finals, good job fury! This trip was especially fun because I got to spend time with a lot of extended family. Both sets of grandparents came down to watch Sarah play and spend time with the family. I count myself very lucky at how big of a role my grandparents have played in my life, I love them, and appreciate all they do. I love to reminisce and laugh together, which is something we continually do when we all in the same room. Many times I want to take a snap shot so that I can remember these moments forever because they are truly the best. John and Amber drove from Arizona and it always fun the see the cuddliest couple I know! I was named the cuddle police because I gave them a hard time the whole weekend, but maybe they just haven't heard the term PDA? I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Love you guys anyways. All in all I believe my family is the most important thing in the world to me, and although I am glad to be back home with my lovey, I miss them.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting Ready for Finals

Ive recently put pictures of Rob playing baseball, but when I was playing soccer we didn't have a blog so here is a recap in some fun pictures from my 09 soccer season

Vs. Washington

I love this Picture of the team

My Amazing Class of as Sophomores top row left to right Seal, Kristen, Mel, Shef and bottom row left to right Lindo, J, Colleen, BC and me
Game faces before the Arizona game

Starting line up for our Pink game supporting Breast Cancer

After Beating USC at there home Field

Rob and I after we lost in the sweet sixteen to Notre Dame

You know its going to be a great week when your husband mentions that he has a 10 page paper, 1 final to study for, many little assignments, and statistics problems (which take forever) all due before the week is over. He said that he has come to the point where he must weigh what is important to complete and what he can get by without doing because he just cant get it all done. Just what a wife wants to hear after hes been gone for a 5 day absence playing baseball :). I really am not complaining though, I just honestly feel really bad for him. He has done an amazing job lately of concentrating on his studies and getting good grades. To show what an amazing guy I think he is, even with such a busy schedule, he took yesterday night completely off and we got to go on a date. Applebees 2 for 20 followed by Sherlock Homes! I am grateful for these nights in particular, when we get the chance to reconnect and just focus on being together. We always talk about how important it is to get a date night in once a week (even if the schedule is busy) and I cherish these nights the most!

When my soccer buddies Justyne and Sierra realized that I had a blog they insisted that they make it on. I figure that I can share how my past winter semester Tuesday and Thursdays have been spent. We had weights early in the morning and then had a period of time in between the end of weights and our first class. A couple of us got into the morning routine of bring our breakfasts to the locker room, where we would shower, put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt (athletes what can we say), and eat our breakfasts. We have a refrigerator that enabled us to buy milk and we had bowls, and cereal we kept there. When the Olympics started curling was on everyday during this period of time, and we had many laughs of the prospects of developing our own curling team and then being able to go to the Olympics. When it was time for Biology 102 we would go to the shuttle stop. The OSU shuttle runs all day and is free to ride, something I did not know before this term but use all the time now! You would think being athletes we'd like the chance to walk and the exercise but not a chance. During Biology lecture I would have to endure endless comics by the creative Justyne, as well as going over the latest FML's on Sierra's I-phone. Good times :) When class was over it was back to the locker room for a quick nap/lunch/unfinished last minute homework before catching the shuttle to our next class. After this we would reconnect for Bio lab where we would sit next to smart kid, who we never figured out his name but always sat by us and we always talked to him. Justyne would remind Sierra and I how much Erin (our grad assistant) liked her and how close they were to a handshake...a way Justyne marks if you are a good friend or not depends if you have a handshake with her. We tried to finish as quickly as possible because we only had so much time before the shuttle comes around again and its a long walk back to the locker room for another break. This is how Every Tuseday and Thursday of my winder term was spent, thanks guys for a blast of a term and a million of inside jokes!!

I am excited to announce that a book has finally caught my attention (I don't ever find books that can really spark my interest). I have recently started reading a book by the oh so famous Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song, and have not been able to put it down...Literally! Which is a problem when I to need to be gearing up for finals. I recommend that people go out and read it asap because commercials for the movie are out already.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Short and Sweet

Now that baseball has started, you can call me a single. Let me give a little recap about how the seasons gone so far.

Week one was in the beautiful Oahu, Hawaii, not going to lie I was totally jealous because that week it never stopped raining in Corvallis. The Beavers when 3-4 and Rob in particular started all four games and had just an okay weekend at hitting. It was a rough start for him but who cares you got to go to Hawaii.

Week two was here in Corvallis, Oregon...YEAH!! Dave and Kate both came up for the Friday and Saturday games and I was so much fun to see family. The beavers when 2-3 winning the series against Tennessee University (thank goodness they had the most obnoxious bench, they needed to be shut up). This week Rob was also named Everyday Champion for Oregon State athletics, and we got to go enjoy dinner, while I got to meet the infamous Mike Parker (he announces all the games for OSU athletics), kind of a celebrity in my mind since he is my man when Rob is on the road.

This week they have traveled to Sunnyville Arizona and defeated UC Riverside 10-3, and Rob got his first triple of the season!

Our weekdays have been marked with movies, making dinner, and trying to spend as much time together as possible. We recently watched (Well Rob only watched half before he was asleep, Duh) was 2012 and I thought it was great and would recommend going out to rent it. We need to give a shout out the the people who invented red box movies. What a genius you are! Who know you could rent a movie just like buying a candy bar out of a vending machine. I also got to teach our Sunday school class for the first time all by my lonesome. Public speaking is not my favorite thing and I was definitely stressing hard Saturday night, but I made it through. You will never appreciate the lessons Sunday school teachers give until you have to take the time to prepare one on your own. We teach the 16-17 year olds' or juniors and seniors in high school, and they are one chatty bunch. I often feel a bit unqualified for the job since I am practically their age, but we must be there for a reason, and I hope we can be a positive impact in our kids lives. I need to mention a recent accomplishment for the Folsom family, which is our undefeated season in bowling with our good friends Mark and Hannah. We accidentally missed our last game so we were disqualified from the tournament, but hey we never "officially" lost.